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Insights Into Your Book

Get insights into your book of business i.e. policy statuses, term renewal opportunities, conversion opportunities and many more 


Insights page enables you with a quick insight into your book of business across multiple Carriers. 

View lists of policies broken down by:

  • Policy Status

  • Policy Values

  • Products

  • Term Conversion Opportunities

  • Renewal Opportunities

  • Sales and Service Opportunities

To view Insights page, from the left navigation menu click on the Insights link. 



  • To view details for each of the statuses, click on the blue number beside the insight.

  • A list of policies for that insight will be displayed. 

  • You can use the filters provided to filter the insight details even further; e.g. by Carrier, Product, etc.

insights filter.png


Manage your policies by creating a list and working through each policy.

  • From the Insights Detail page select all policies by checking off the checkbox in the header line. (When the blue box appears make sure you click on Select all xxx policies

  • Click on Add to list

insights list.png

  • Enter your list name

  • Click Proceed

LP-save list.png


In addition to creating a list you also have the option to export the policies into a .csv format and import them into your CRM or other admin tool.


  • Select the policies by checking off the checkbox in the header. 

  • Click on the Download .csv link 

insights csv.png
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