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Sales Opportunities Report Request for Agents 

Your in force book of business could be a goldmine of opportunity.   NIC’s Sales Opportunity Report summarizes all of the opportunities we have uncovered for you and may include conversions, renewals, lapse and lapse pending policies, policies with unknown statuses as well as other up-sell and market opportunities.


You can access all of this information on NIC or request a copy of your Sales Opportunity Report.


If you are already subscribed to NIC simply complete the form below and we will generate your Sales Opportunity Report for you.  We will notify when your report is ready.  Your report will be stored on NIC in the documents folder, you will need to log into NIC to access your report.


If you are not a NIC subscriber contact your BGA to get access.


Thanks for submitting!


  • By requesting your Sales Opportunity Report, you authorize someone from NIC to contact you.

  • The report will be stored on NIC under Documents, you will need to log into NIC to access. 

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